Getting a website to rank high in Google search results for specific keywords is difficult. Especially if the site is new.

If you are struggling with Google ranking, and do not seem to be able to get your site out from the abyss it is stuck in, paying for PBN backlinks may be worth a shot.

What are PBN backlinks? — The term PBN backlinks is an abbreviation of Private Blog Network backlinks.

These are links that you pay for, and that appear on a myriad of blogs that are all within a private blog network. The network is private as there is no information in an online public forum about its existence. That makes it difficult for Google to ever track it down.

When can PBN backlinks be dangerous for your site? — In most cases, paying for PBN backlinks is not particularly dangerous. Due to the fact that they are private, so are not easily discoverable by Google.

Where backlinks do become dangerous is when they are bought from a public blog network, as these are easy for Google to find and then penalize.

When Google does penalize a site for having paid for backlinks, the site can completely disappear from Google search results. This is an outcome you do not want to happen for any site, so stick to PBN backlinks instead of public ones.

How do PBN backlink work? — One of the big things Google bases its search results on is the number of backlinks a site has. This is because they believe a backlink means the content it is linking to is relevant or interesting, so the site itself must be a good one.

The more backlinks a site has, the more relevant and the more high-quality it probably is. At least according to Google logic.

Buying PBN backlinks, therefore, increases the number of backlinks to your site. This also increases its relevancy to Google and, thus, over time can mean your site skyrockets up the Google search results for specific keywords.

Why are PBN backlinks so useful? — As you are paying for the backlinks, you are getting better links than those that just come from a random website.

You also get not just one backlink for the money you spend, but backlinks on many of the blogs within the PBN.

The backlinks you purchase are also coming from sites with high Domain Authority, as these are usually the only sites allowed into a PBN. Google looks at these sites as being high-quality, and so presumes your site must be as well.

Finally, you are able to choose the specific anchor texts you want to have linking back to your site. Thus, allowing your site to rank higher for the keywords within that text.

Why you should be careful when buying PBN backlinks — Buying PBN backlinks can be an excellent way of boosting your website higher up the Google search results. When this strategy fails, however, it is usually because the site adopting it has used the wrong Private Blog Network to help boost their site.

This is why you should be careful when bying PBN backlinks, as choosing the wrong PBN could damage your site’s Google ranking more than help it.

To make sure you avoid this, research the company offering the PBN you are considering using carefully or follow a PBN guide and build one yourself.

Are there reviews online about them? What do other users say about their experience buying PBN backlinks through a particular company? Are these reviews verifiable? How much of an increase did websites get in Google rankings?

If you are still not sure, head into one of the many SEO forums online and ask other webmasters if they have used this or other PBNs. Find out what their results were, and if they recommend the specific PBN you are considering. If not, is there another one they think is better? For example the SEOlutions PBN links seem to be well reviewed, but they are a bit on the expensive spectrum, although very powerful by the looks of it.

While paying for PBN backlinks can damage your site, in most cases it will not. They are difficult and in some cases impossible for Google to discover.

If you do your research correctly as well, it will ensure you go with a PBN that safeguards the reputation and rankings of its customers’ websites.